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TECgt til 1- 2- 4- 6 og 8 cyl. og Wankel

Kan bruges på op til 8 cylinder. Pris 9975.00 kr. incl. moms

Universal ledningsnet

1850.00 kr. incl. moms

Product Description

Designed specifically with performance and racing engines in mind where space is at a premium and ease of installation is only second to an absolute requirement for unrivaled performance from the ignition and fuel delivery. The TECgt was designed as an extremely flexible engine management system – able to run up to 8-cylinder, phased sequential engines with ease. This ECU is also a great option when the wiring and configuration options of our new TEC EVO become overwhelming or are just not needed. For the vast majority of racers, the TECgt represents the perfect balance between ease of use, feature content and value. No Electromotive system has been responsible for more race wins over the last few years than the TECgt.